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Tuition Rates and Meals                                          Updated January 2024

                                         Five Day/Full Time            **Three Day Part Time        **Two Day Part Time

Cuddlers-   (Age 0-2)           $245 Weekly                       $150    Weekly                     $120     Weekly
Explorers-  (Age 2+-3+)        $200 Weekly                       $135    Weekly                      $115     Weekly
Dreamers-  (3+ yrs-k)           $200 Weekly                       $135    Weekly                      $115     Weekly
Parents will be expected to provide all foods and beverages for their child. Bottled w
ater is provided throughout the day.  A morning snack, afternoon snack and lunch as well as beverages in a lunch box or bag should be brought daily. Foods should be cold serve or room temperature items.  No foods will be heated for any reason. Any perishable beverages or foods such as yogurt, lunch meats, etc. will be stored in a refrigerator until mealtimes. Please, no juices in bottles for any child under one and only 100% fruit juices or water in sippy cups or milk/milk substitute for children over one year. 

County assistance (Vouchers) are also accepted with completed paperwork prior to enrollment.
** Special restrictions apply for part time opportunities.
Part time positions refer to full day but limited number of days.

A registration fee is required to secure your desired enrollment.  Full Time Registration is $125 yearly.  Registration fee for 2 and 3 day enrollment is $100.  This fee will be collected at interview once application for enrollment is accepted and is nonrefundable.
Registration Fees are also collected between January-April every year. If enrollment registration is collected during enrollment process after November 1 the prior year, additional payment will not be required the following January-April. 
Registration fees cover curriculum material, administrative costs, craft supplies, educational and learning supplies.


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