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Our history and hope.....

Jean Nivens

 Director and lead teacher, Jean Nivens, has been in childcare since 1989.  She worked in private, church based and public schools for many years prior to following God's guidance in opening Little Einsteins Preschool in her home in Charlotte.  Years later she moved to Belmont and built a home with it in mind that a Center In A Residence would thrive there.  Using her own children's Montessori education as a basis, she set forth to create a center that connected parents to their child's school in a closer knit capacity.  

Her degree in Early Childhood Education and years of experience facilitating classrooms combine with her faith and love of Christ and all His creations to form a unique type of childcare facility.  It is designed to truly see each child as a special gift from God and to validate their positive choices and creativity.  It nurtures the specific interests of each child and helps curve them into learning tools.  These practices and the involvement of parents give way to a facility she prays will set a solid learning and loving foundation in place for every child and family.  

Her goal is that with a partnership between teachers and parents, and desire to Biblically instruct children and help them see God's purpose for them, children will grow into Christ loving, compassionate, knowledgeable adults.

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