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                           South Point Location
Our South Point location is a "Center in Residence" and has a maximum enrollment of 12 children in a multi-age group setting.  This facility offers a Montessori style classroom.  A Christian based, Creative Curriculum is used.   
At this location, each family is responsible for sending two snacks and a lunch for their child.  Diapers and/or pull ups are also sent for each child by the family.  Cribs and cots are used for nap time and sheets are provided as are baby wipes for diapering.  Children will bring a small, labeled blanket for use during nap times.  These items are washed weekly at the center and stored in an individual cubby for each child.
Registration Fee (Due upon enrollment and yearly): $125 Full Time           $100 For 2-3 Day Part Time
Weekly Tuition (Due each Friday prior to week of service):  $245 Up to One Year   $220 One Year-Two Years of Age $200 Two Years and Up
Three Day Part Time $150           Two Day Part Time $120        *special restrictions apply

Hours of operation: 7:00- 5:30
This location has its own rules and regulations but operates similarly to LEPA.


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